Apr 18, 2010

Time is ticking away...from me too fast!

Wow has a month really almost gone by since my last post. Goes to show just how crazy busy things have been around here…and how my mind has NOT been on writing. I do enjoy writing about our adventures but lately I have been in a funk and just haven’t wanted to put it on paper let alone into cyberspace. So I will just update with some pictures. In the last month we have celebrated Easter, my 40th birthday (ok so that wasn’t all that fun) and then today we have been celebrating Kristofer’s 8th birthday.
I have been busy with work. Yep I am working now…on a temp job during April and May. It’s an online job scoring the ISAT which is our state aptitude testing for the schools. I cannot share all that much about it but let’s just say my brain goes to mush after reading hundreds of 5th grade essays. It is nice to get a paycheck again,  which is always a nice thing. We are hoping to use what I make to go towards our trip to Florida to see my nephew graduate from High School. We can’t wait to get to Florida…all we want to do is completely veg out on the beach and just play in the sand and soak in some rays! Now that will be a nice vacation after our very cold winter. Counting down the days I think at this point we have 6 Mondays till the kids get out of school and the next week we are Florida bound…YAY!!!
Easter was a great family day. We bypassed the traditional Easter baskets and just filled a big bowl with candy and eggs for the kids to find. We decided to get a family gift this year…croquet. The kids have been having so much fun playing this together and we have enjoyed it as a family as well. Next family gift for the summer is going to be a volleyball/badminton set. This is going to be a very fun summer…

Sean and the boys checking out the stars. The boys truly enjoy spending time with their daddy!
Another day of bounding with nature and Daddy :)
No fish this day just lots of weeds, oh and a few frogs!
Kristofer's Lego robot. He got up at 6 AM to build this just for Eli...all before school started. What a great big brother he is becoming to Eli.
Well if you have made it this far then you must really be a fan. But seriously, I do hope to get better with posting on a weekly basis at least...and then back to daily if possible. We shall see. I can say please pray with us that our desires for our family will match up with God's timing!

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