Oct 6, 2009

Here I am!

Wow...I can't believe the time is flying by! I seriously thought I would have all kinds of time once the kids are in school. I know I have said this alot lately but seriously! So what's going on lately...hmmm well I am bottle feeding this precious little baby.

This is Mouse. A neighborhood cat gave birth and abandoned him. ( A long story about that so lets just keep it simple this morning!) Sara brought him in after 3 hours of no momma. Begging me to save him. "Please Mommy, save him. God doesn't want him to die!" So I have a new born in the house again. He is now two weeks old. Is precious and as much as I have tried I have fallen in love with him. He still does not have his eyes open but soon I believe. He was 2 ounces at birth and now weighs 6 ounces. So he is doing well. I on the other hand am exhausted most of the time. But it's worth it...I think!

Changes....yep changes are happening all around us. Fall is here, leaves are slowly starting to flip and the air is definitely crisp! I have began a journey that I am bound and determined to finish this time...losing weight. I have joined a women's fitness club and have been working out a few days a week. My goal is to work up to 5 days a week. I am taking it slow because I want my knee to adjust. OH THAT IS A HUGE PRAISE REPORT! The MRI I had in Sept showed NO NEW DAMAGE! Doctor can't explain why I had such terrible pain except that maybe I was over doing it on the exercise bike, so I am to keep it at no more than 5 miles a day and am to add weight lifting or resistance training. Of course I am excited about that! I am pushing forward, I realize this is a battle and ya know what its the one thing in my life that I have struggled with since I was 8 years old. No I am not kidding. But I will succeed. One day at a time one moment at a time...I will succeed! With God's strength!

This month is full of activity! We have nonstop events taking place at church. From cleaning the church from top to bottom, a wedding in our church, the fall festival for the kids, Fall Gathering (picnic at the lake -yes its cold but its fun to hanging around a bomb fire and sing praise to our Lord!!), and then comes Thanksgiving All Church Dinner, and follows with Christmas events. I am exhausted just thinking about it! I will be stopping in periodically to post what is going on with the kids and such. But there are so many things I need to be doing daily that I am having a hard time motivating myself to writing. We are taking the kids to a pumpkin patch in the next week or so and I will do my best to post pics. I know my family loves seeing new pictures of the kids.

Until next time!

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