Jan 25, 2013

It's January and all I can think of is SUMMER!  People talk about spring fever...usually happens about March for me...not this time.  I am so wanting to be on a beach, sipping ice cold water and enjoying the sun!  I can not wait for summer to get here.  I plan to live at the lake with the kids this year or in our small pool.  I can't wait to get things started for the garden too.  This year I plan to do straw bale gardening.  It will be interesting to see if it works as well as I have read it does.  I sure hope so, I hate wasting money on new things but I think this might be a great new adventure!  While I think and plan what I want to garden and sit here looking out the front window, there is a lite dusting of snow on the cars and I hear the roads are slick with ice.  Sigh! 
   We are having a snow day and I have spent the day talking to friends on Facebook, searching for school curriculum for next year and just enjoying a quiet day to relax.  This week has been packed full of birthdays.  Eli and Sara turned 9 this week.  Oh how I miss those baby/toddler days.  I miss rocking them to sleep while they snuggle up with their noses against my neck.  Gone are those days but having older children has it's benefits too.  I want to capture every day and cherish each moment because I know before long I will be longing for them to be 9 again.  "All my days are written in His book," Ps139:16

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