Jan 10, 2013

Check out "Not Short on Anything"

My dear friend Martha (Marty) has started a blog.  She and her husband Michael are some of our closest friends.  They were part of our wedding party and have walked with us through many things and us them.  Marty is the mother of two wonderful children, Lucy and Jay. Both have been classified as autistic but it does not define them!  Just like autism does not define our son Kris. 
   I share this because she has started her own blog called, "Not Short on Anything."  Funny thing is God gave her the name and their last name is Short. Marty is a very talented writer and honestly I don't think she knows how talented she is.  Can I ask that you go over and check it out.  It is so encouraging!  Book mark it because I know you are going to want to come back and read her posts!

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