Nov 5, 2012


With thanksgiving coming we decided to take the month of November and do some research on famous American Indians and the type of shelters they would of lived in.  The kids had a great time learning about the shelters last week and today they build their assigned shelters, gave a speech and answered questions that their siblings, dad and I had for them.  The rest of this week we will be reading a variety of stories, both fiction and fact about different Indians and then next week they will be doing reports on their chosen famous Indian from history.
Eli's longhouse.
Kris' wickiup.

Jaron's pueblo.

Sara's plank house and totem poles.
What I find fun about these projects is listening to the kids talk about the types of Indian tribes that would have lived in these types of shelters.  We will also be creating a teepee next week to add to the shelters.  Kris, who is autistic, has the ability to remember every thing he reads and sees.  Specially if it is a topic that he loves.  I really wasn't sure how he would do with this but when he gave his speech it was as if he was reading the book back to us.  Now if he could just master multiplication and division the same way!

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