Mar 8, 2012

A Cavy named Taffy

Jaron is turning 12 at the end of the did I just say 12.  SMH!  Oh how I miss that little curious 2 year old.  Anyway he has been begging us for months for a cavy (guinea pig).  He even has gone as far as to say he would use any birthday money he got to get one.  Well we decided to make it his gift.  He has been part of the process of the decision to get one.  He has had to write and rewrite (three times) a persuasive essay, written a research paper about Cavies, their original origin, their care and the costs of having one as a pet.  He spent weeks doing the research and being patient (not so much), so today I took him to the pet store and he adopted Taffy.  She is about 4 mo old and is as sweet as can be.  Already enjoys Jaron holding her and purrs A LOT! As soon as he saw her, his face lit up, was smiling from ear to ear and I think he was almost in tears he was so happy.  I love seeing him that happy!   We use to have two (Fuzzy and Patch-who had many liters) when he was 2-5yr old and Sean's and my first pet was our fuzzy crazy haired little girl named Chi Alphi (Chee Alfee). LOVE CAVIES!  So without further ado let me introduce you to Taffy!
Enjoying a snack!

Who you lookin' at?
I'm so pretty!

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