Mar 15, 2012

Cavy Maddness!

We have gone cavy crazy here in the Kelly house!  When the three kids came home from school last week immediately we had 3 new requests for their own cavies. Of which "NO" was the answer.  There is "no way we will have 4 cavies" was my answer. But I did agree to getting one more for everyone to share and love.  So yesterday Jaron and I went to the local pet store and found THE CUTEST cavy I have seen in a long time.  Honestly since we had ChiAlphie when Sean and I were dating.  We are stuggling with a name for her. I believe we may have a female...I keep checking and comparing to pictures on the net but she doesn't particularly like being flipped over to check.  Anyway we are looking for a nuetral name for either a boy or a girl...ANY SUGGESTIONS are welcome!  Right now we have been calling her Jojo but we want a name that fits her character and face.  Well here check out these cute pictures and then leave a name suggestion in the comments!

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