Apr 1, 2011

April is Autism Awareness Month

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know that our Kristofer is autistic. He doesn't fit most of the "typical" symptoms list and there for I will NOT share those typical symptoms. At least not right now. I will sometime during the month list the typical list that advocates like to stress but Autism is a SPECTRUM disorder. Just like a rainbow there are varying colors of autism so to speak, each children/adult is different, each with his/her own special capabilities or stepping stones they deal with daily.
I hope to post something different every day for the full month. I hope to bring awareness and acceptance. Our son is not dumb, retarded or useless. He IS smart, happy, creative, energetic, loving and affectionate. He has friends and although he learns differently and doesn't always respond to his name being called he does HEAR your comments when you stand behind us in line at Wal Mart and he does notice your stares when he is having a little difficulty getting out what he wants to say. He doesn't need your sympathy but he does deserve your compassion and understanding!
His name is Kristofer and he is autistic and I do NOT want to change him! I love him for who he is and he is a blessing from God!

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