Mar 29, 2011

Oddie & Bently

We are very blessed to live in a home that allows pets. When we moved from IL the kids and I were afraid we would have to give up all of our pets. Thankfully we were able to bring our dogs and they were allowed to be in the house :) Something we were not allowed to have in IL. Earlier Monday morning I kept hearing Oddie digging and when I went into the bathroom I found him in the bath tub. Naturally as soon as I turned the water on he jumped out...he hates baths...but for some reason he wanted the mat out because as soon as I took it up he stopped digging and hopped out.Bently is wondering why Oddie is in the tub!
Sara is always telling me that Bently doesn't like her and that he never sleeps with her. Well tonight I finally got proof that he does sleep with her :-)

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