Mar 27, 2011


HAPPENS!!! Back in Feb I had my first car accident. I was for sure that the van was totaled but it wasn't! THANK YOU JESUS! We were able to get the van fixed and just got it back from the repair shop. I just about did a dance right then and there when Sean was handed the keys and we were able to bring it home. I have always wanted a smaller family car but I have to confess I LOVE my van. More room and no children complaining that someone is touching them.
The same day I had my accident (thankfully I was not seriously injured) Sean had a 3 day stomach bug, he hasn't been that sick since he went on a missions trip to Honduras and I was pregnant with the twins! That weekend started two weeks of yuck. Eli got the flu, then Sara, Jaron and thankfully Kris never got it. Kris did have double ear infections. Just when I thought Eli was getting better his fever came back with a vengeance and back to the doctor we went. Diagnosis...ear infections. He missed 6 days of school.
Sara on the other hand was not getting over the flu so we headed back to the doctor after day 6 of no school...this time strep and ear infections and just when I thought health was back in sight she had a terrible reaction to her medication. It started with throwing up 2 hrs after taking it. It just assumed it was because she took it on an empty stomach. The next day she took it with food and an hour later she was throwing up and this time it lasted for about 2 hours. I was at my wits end. All I could think was oh no she has the stomach bug again. You see she is the one that got Sean sick with the stomach bug in the first place so it was a logical explanation. But day three of meds and within 25 mins she was throwing up and it didn't stop for 5 hours I knew something was wrong. She wasn't doing this over night so I knew it had to be a reaction to the meds. After an hour I called the doctor and they confirmed my thoughts. We waited a day and started new meds and that made the world of a difference.
She lost 7 lbs and was out of school 11 days straight. I haven't seen her that sick in a long time. It really was starting to scare me. But thankfully they are all healthy now ... YAY!

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