Jan 31, 2011

Twin Pack

I absolutely LOVE the above picture! These two spend half their time arguing and picking on each other! The other have is pictured below :-) I prefer the loving, hugging picture but the one with attitude does show part of their personalities!

On Jan 22 we celebrated the twin pack's 7th birthdays. YAY! I honestly can't believe my babies are 7 to be honest. WE started the celebration early that morning. I woke up with fire in my throat and ears and temp of 102. Not exactly how I wanted to start the day that is for sure. Turns out I had strep throat and double ear infections again. UGH!! That's twice in less than 7 weeks. Nasty stuff I tell you, just nasty! Anyway this isn't about me! So we started the day with giving them their presents from us. The LOVED them. We gave Sara two small horses and the larger stuffed horse she is holding up in the picture below. Sara is big time into horses. For Eli we got him a blue Hero Factory character he had been begging for since Christmas and a Iron Man 2 Lego kit that he and Jaron worked on for the rest of the day.
One thing we have always tried to do is keep them as individuals. Which is pretty easy to do since they are not both boys or girls. I always make them individual cakes. This year I tried something different and it didn't work too well. Like I have said many times, I am NOT a baker. But regardless the kids loved their cakes! I don't think there was any left by morning. :)
Oh where as the time gone? I miss my babies! Yes all 4 of my kids will be my "babies" but I really miss actual babies! I miss that baby snuggle time! But I do enjoy my snuggle time with my now 7 yr olds. Really, seven, seriously...oh how time flies.

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