May 12, 2010

My Little Concert Band Members

Last night our two oldest boys, Jaron and Kristofer performed in their schools concert band. What you need to know is that the band consisted of two 2nd graders (one being Kristofer), one 3rd grader and the rest were 4th - 8th graders. Jaron is in forth and plays the sax. You really can barely see him in these videos and in the pictures that will follow because he sits on the left and in the 2nd row. But he was there playing away! We are so proud of both boys for all of their hard work. Jaron has been playing since August and Kristofer just started piano lessons but has done so well following along with the music that his piano teacher and the school band teacher decided that he needed to be apart of the band. :) Can you say PROUD MOMMA!! Oh yea very proud of both! The band teacher, Ms Henshaw brags on both of them and has told us many times that Jaron is very talented :) and so is Kristofer. To be honest to see how far Kristofer has come the past few years is remarkable! God continues to amaze us in how he uses Kristofer. God truly has blessed us with some great children!

In this video Kristofer is playing the tambourine.

In this video Kristofer is playing the xylophone...or what he calls the bells.

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