Sep 21, 2009

Why did I drink a cup of coffee before bed!

So here I am in the wee hours of the morning...1:00 AM to be exact. What was I thinking drinking a cup of coffee before bed. I need to get some decafe for nights like this when I want coffee before bedtime. UGH! I am going to regret that coffee in the morning when the alarm is blaring and I have to get my wits together to get the kids up and out to school.
So it's been a while since I wrote a bit on here. I have been busy writing and doing so many different things. I seriously thought I would have more time to do more writing but have found that although I do have time because all four diaperheads are in shcool now, my time is taken with a variety of other small projects that just seem to appear out of now where. This week I plan to get the kids bathroom painted. I can't wait to get it started and done. I also plan to pick out some colors for our livingroom and bedroom. YAY!
This past week was an adventure. I was so flipping nervous over the dentist visit with Kristofer and Sara that I had terrible stomach pain. Kristofer had dental work done such as fillings and a couple root canals. OUCH! I was so nervous about how he was going to do, but he was fantastic! It helps that we had the whole church praying for him. I never know how Kris will do with different experiences but he was great! I know that the prayers helped. But I also know that the 10 mins. of waiting for the dentist to come in and the special visit of the chipmunk outside our window helped. This little chipmunk would come and stuff his cheeks full of sunflowers run off and come back for more. Kris was so fascinated with the little chipmunk and the birds I think they helped ease his mind. YAY GOD! We have to go back for a few more fillings in a month and I know he will do well.
Sara did fantastic as well. She is done and doesn't have to go back for another year for a cleaning. Which is fantastic! This week is Eli's turn. I am praying he does just as well as the others did.
Fall starts this week. I love this time of year! The weather is great, the leaves are starting to change and smells of fall are in the air. Can't wait for the colors to explode. I will definitely be posting fall pictures!

Sep 11, 2009

My Amazing little Girl!

Jaron the fearless bike riding teacher!

There she goes...faster than a speeding bullet...or bike rider...LOL!
My favorite time of day...snuggle time!
Gotta show that ferocious side ya know! GRRRRR!

Sep 9, 2009

Jaron the Teacher

Yesterday afterschool the kids were playing out side. Nothing new there but as I looked out the window to check on them I saw Jaron and Sara with a bike. Not just a bike but one without training wheels and Sara was on it! Honestly I was shocked but knew this day was coming! My little girl is growing up fast. She loves her big brother and enjoys tormenting him just as much. Jaron was teaching her how to ride the bike and he was a great teacher and she was a great student.
Much to my surprise she mastered it. Two or three tries and she was off. Riding like a pro! Now don't write me and tell me I am a bad mom because I happen to allow my kids to ride bikes without shoes or helmets. Ya know I understand how important helmets can be. We just haven't purchased new ones that fit. Needless to say she has mastered the bike. Soon I am sure Eli and Kris will master it as well.

Sep 5, 2009

Week 3 done~

Ok so here I am thinking all the kids being in school that I will have all this free time on my hands right? WRONG! I think I have become more busy...nope pretty sure I have. I have been busy with little project around the house such as going through stored clothes and preparing for winter...gosh never had to do that in Florida...those were the days! LOL!!! Been doing some counseling and helping some other women work through some things. Sometimes it just takes another person's perspective to help us see things different. But the biggest changes have been this week. We launched or will have launched 3 new ministries this week. I am no in charge of not only Children's Church and the Children's ministries but on Tuesday we started a NEW Women's Bible Study...YAY! This past Tuesday we had 9 women including myself and I expect that it will grow. It was so much fun, we laughed and joked and teased one another. So much fun!
Then Wednesday we launched our new Kids Club we are calling, All Star Explorer's. We had 7 kids come out. Which may seem like a small number but for a church of our size that is huge! We believe that it is going to grow! Again I am in charge of this as well. The third ministry that is being launched Sunday afternoon is the Youth Group. Which will have a name as soon as we all figure one out. I am so excited! I know of at least 4/5 teens who are planning to do be there. YAY! Again this is huge for our church, we haven't had a youth group in our church in over 8 years so this is a big step. Yes I am in charge of this too. So as you can see I am and have been super busy preparing and getting things worked out.
Besides this I have been busy with daily family stuff and working on a variety of other projects. I haven't spent much time writing on this blog or my other blog. I do plan on getting back to doing more writing. Specially now that I am preparing the women's Bible study. We are studying the women of the Bible so I know I will post some of the highlights on Broken Potterie.
The kids are doing great! Jaron has started band this year. He has chosen to play the sax! YAY! I love the sax. I played it in school and loved it. He has been practicing daily and seems to really enjoy it. He starts lessons next week with his band teacher and will also be practicing with the 4/5th grade band and once a week will also play with the 4-8th grade band. SO COOL! So proud of him! He is doing great and so far he is enjoying 4th grade.
I have to say that this year has been a huge success so far. Yes it's only been 3 weeks but I have to say compared to last year, this year is the mountain top so far! Kris has adjusted so well that last year seems like a mear dream. He is working hard and that is so cool! I got a great report last week from his OT....

Hi Melissa,
Kris seems to be doing great. I talked to his teacher and she seemed real positive. She has not had any issues yet. She feels that he is doing good. I also talked with new principal Mr. Shelby. He worked at Lincoln in Marion and was great with kids of all kinds. He enjoys the kids. I told some of Kris' querks and how we deal with him. I told him about sensory processing and what Kris needs. He was very open to the ideas just seemed unfamiliar with sensory. He got the year book out and looked at Kris so he would know what he looked like. Kris was quiet with me but it was the first thing in the morning. He was just trying to get his stuff put away. Thanks,

YAY! I am so thankful that he is doing well. I tend to worry more about our Kristofer than I do the others. Don't mean to but I think it's normal when you have a special needs child. Then today I got this note.

Hi Melissa,
I just wanted to let you know that Kristofer's Special Ed teacher emailed me and said that on the days that Kris gets OT she can see a huge difference in his work in resource (special ed room). She wants to be retaught the techniques and she wants to carry them out on days I am not there!!!!!! I think last year it was hit and miss with staff carrying out sensory stuff – not because they are bad staff – just not understanding, tuning in or seeing the results it creates. You have to believe in something for it to work and when you don’t truly understand it you can’t believe in it.

THIS IS HUGE! Kris receives a lot of support at the school but it always helps when the one person other than Mrs Vanhorn (2nd grade teacher) who spends quite a bit of time with him finally "gets it" and wants to make a difference! YAY! What an answer to prayer! I am so encouraged about this!
Sara and Eli are doing great as well. The kindergarten teacher, Ms Robertson, is a great teacher. They have a very small class this year a total of 13 children. Each year she does Star Student days and show cases one child. Monday it was Eli, he gets a picture taken, a special crown and star pendant, plus a few other things, gets to share his story about himself, is the line leader and a few other great things. He was so proud and excited!! : ) Sara was very sad all week and I kept reassuring her that she would be chosen soon. Well today she came in screaming..."Mommy I was the Star Student today!" All giddy and happy! YAY! They are loving school and I am so glad I put them in preK last year. This year half the class are friends from preK and I think that has helped a LOT! It makes me smile to think of Sara having girl friends. She tells me she has two best friends and is so excited to tell me how much she loves school! YAY!
It's late and I am beat. If you think about it keep me in prayer, I have had to go off my medication for arthritis and this affects my knees. I re injured the knee that needs a TKR and had an MRI last week. Was suppose to see the ortho. doc next week but my appointment has had to be changed till Sept 39th...ugh! Anyway the meds can cause ulcers and I have had terrible stomach pain and heartburn so I am off of it for a while and I can already tell a difference. Wow didn't realize just how much my body hurts from arthritis. Thanks for the prayers!