Sep 9, 2009

Jaron the Teacher

Yesterday afterschool the kids were playing out side. Nothing new there but as I looked out the window to check on them I saw Jaron and Sara with a bike. Not just a bike but one without training wheels and Sara was on it! Honestly I was shocked but knew this day was coming! My little girl is growing up fast. She loves her big brother and enjoys tormenting him just as much. Jaron was teaching her how to ride the bike and he was a great teacher and she was a great student.
Much to my surprise she mastered it. Two or three tries and she was off. Riding like a pro! Now don't write me and tell me I am a bad mom because I happen to allow my kids to ride bikes without shoes or helmets. Ya know I understand how important helmets can be. We just haven't purchased new ones that fit. Needless to say she has mastered the bike. Soon I am sure Eli and Kris will master it as well.

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