Dec 22, 2009

My LIttle Builder

Kristofer loves to buid things. He takes the most unusual items and creates all sorts of robots and creatures. Well for Christmas I told my mom that he was really getting into using legos and k'nexs. He loves to create things. So she got Kristofer a dinosaur lego kit. It can make 3 different dinosaurs. Well the other night he started to build the t'rex. He worked up till bedtime and I told him he could continue in the morning. I went to bed and around 4 AM I heard the tv on. I got up and what did I find? Kristofer working hard at his project. When asked why he was up he told me he couldn't sleep till his work was done. UGH! I got him to go back to bed and thankfully the kids are out for Christmas break becuase he slept till 10AM.
Here are a few pictures of his creation:

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