Dec 24, 2009

Evil Breeds Evil!

I have to share this story, one because this happened to our church and because my husband was on TV!! :) VERY PROUD of Sean!

Police Investigate Rash of 900 Sex Line Calls

CREAL SPRINGS-Residents in one Williamson County town are receiving enormous phone bills, that have been inflated with thousands of dollars worth of calls to sex lines. Police say someone is tapping into to the phone lines and homes and churches.

So church leaders at the First Baptist, United Methodist and the Assembly of God Church in Creal Springs have noticed big phone bills. The calls are to numbers they know they didn't make.

"Those charges are to 900 numbers which are sex numbers," said Creal Springs police chief Phil Jeralds. He believes someone is breaking into the junction box outside of buildings, plugging in their phone and running a line to a nearby vehicle where the calls are made.

"That's one sick mind in my opinion," said Pastor Sean Kelly from the Creal Springs Assembly of God.

On the say he opened the bill, he was shocked. "We open this up and our eyes are just so wide. We open this one bill which we've never seen before this company it's almost a $500 long distance bill."

During the investigation, police found that residential lines had been tapped too. So far the tab for this sex chatting has amounted to more than $4,000. Customers are working with phone companies to see how much they'll be forced to pay.

"That money has got to come from somewhere you want it to go to help people you don't want that to go to you know, this," said Pastor Kelly.

He says he'll continue to pray for the suspects.

"They need to come forward and make things look right they're ripping off phone companies making churches look bad and ripping off people that are giving to God."

To avoid having your phone tapped, police say you should put a lock on your outdoor junction box. Or have 900 numbers blocked on your phone. And keep a close eye on your bill.

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