Jan 18, 2009

What's happening!

ALOT! SO MUCH! TOO MUCH! Man am I tired! Ok so if you are not a friend on facebook.com, seek me out and you can be! But honestly I have been very busy! About a month ago I stated praying about what to do for the new year with children's church. This not only affects my kids but others and I want it to grow and I want it to be fun and exciting. Well one night in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be sleeping I ended up waking up thinking about of all things, the rain forest. So I thought about it some more and prayed some more and then I was cleaning out our desk and found a Children's Ministry Magazine and what did I turn to...the Rain forest VBS page. I know strange but I took it as a confirmation and have ran with it.
So I am posting the pictures of the process of transformation. So far I have spent 64 hours combined of research, drawing, painting and making other items that will be hung up around the room. I have a friend that has helped tear up the puppet stage and is taking it on as her project to put it together. This past week she painted it and soon we will be completing it and will fasten bamboo on to it as well as do more painting. I need to make this very clear - I am not a professional, this is the first time ever doing anything like this and will be honest, I did not do the animals, birds or frogs by hand. I made transparencies of art work from Jan Brett's book "Umbrella" but I did do all the painting, creating colors.

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Angela said...

Melissa!! This is absolutely amazing!!