Jan 23, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday

Valentine's Day 2004 ~ The twins came home the day before after spending 3 weeks trying to keep them from being born and another 3 weeks preparing them to come home from the NICU.
Daddy's little miracles...first time holding both at the same time.
Eli was praising God even before he left the NICU!
This was week two in the NICU.
Today is Eli and Sara's 5th birthday. I can't believe my babies are no longer babies. Today I was searching for some baby picture of them so I could post them. I had to search through a bunch of stuff but I finally found a few of my favorite pictures. One of these days I will get them all into an album. The kids were so cute, "oh mommy who's is this, it's me? really?" " Oh Mommy I was a baby doll. Look I was bald, look mommy what are those wires, why am I wearing those funny sunglasses?" SO many questions. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them, scanning pictures, telling stories, ect. Then this afternoon wen the older boys come home from school we headed to the bowling alley. It's slowly becoming one of our family fun times. While there I was watching my family, laughing with each other an I realized all those thoughts for the future when these two little ones were babies are coming true. You know the ones, when you hold your baby or young toddler and think, "I can't wait to see you playing with your older brothers" or you dream of what it will be like when the baby is older.
I am, we, are so blessed! Four great kiddos, I can't thank God enough for these two precious babies. Ok so babies they are not but I will probably always refer to them as the babies, that was and still is a term of endearment that we have called them since we brought them home. More likely because that was the easiest way to refer to them with the older two boys who at the time were 3 and 1. Yes at one time we had 4 under 4 and all in diapers/pull-ups. I have to say I am so glad to be out of the diaper buying phrase but I sure do miss my babies. I love the smell of babies and how they cuddle up to our neck. I miss the weight of them laying on my chest as we would fall asleep laying in the recliner at three o'clock in the morning.
Here are just a few memories...we lost a lot of pictures when our computer crashed a few years

ago....always make a copy of the pictures...I learned my lesson! Enjoy...

Sara & Uncle Chris, holding hands. Uncle Chris' hand took up 3/4 of Sara's body. She was so tiny... 3.8lbs and 16 1/2 inches long at her lowest weight. From there it was all up hill!

Sara never liked her feet covered. This is how we found her under her blankets one afternoon when we went to see her at the hospital...she had kicked her blanket off and her toes were peeking out when I moved the blanket there was her little leg. The nurses said they would constantly find her undone and with at least one foot out of her sleepers or blanket. Five years later you will still find her with one foot peeking out.

Eli just hanging out in the islet.

Mommy's first time holding her little munchkins.
A bit over whelming with two, knowing I had two more waiting for me at home!

Valentine's Day First picture of all four siblings together!
Poor Kristofer didn't know what had happen.
Mommy was gone for 3 weeks in the hospital,
then three weeks later he had not one
but two babies to fight for Mommy's attention.
One of the many 3AM feedings, you can see how much Kristofer
needed his mommy back then too! Thank goodness we had a king size bed back then!Eli, I was trying to catch his smile...naturally every time I snapped the picture he would stop. This is half a smirk. He was so cute I just want to kiss those little cheeks of his.
Even back then at 8/9 mo old Sara loved frogs~ this was her first time poking one.

Sara was mad that Jaron had taken the frog away. Eli on the other hand hated them, hated being in the pool and what you don't see is him pinching the tar out of my chest in fear that I would let him go.

Tomorrow I wil post the pictures of the family party and what they look like today in thier birthday. Five years, not sure where they disappeared to but looking back over these ictures reminds me just how blessed we are and how much fun having twins actually is!

Happy Birthday Babies!!

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