Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Five weeks ago I took a step and down I went, without warning and never had a chance to stop it.  It ended with 2nd degree sprained knee, 2nd degree sprained ankle and an avulsion fracture of the talus.  This accident has cost us over $1500 in medical bills and now we will be fighting with the property's owner's liability insurance to get them to pay the bills and reimburse us for what we have already paid.
   Not how I wanted to end the year or how I wanted to start a new year.  But God is faithful and we know he will provide one way or another. The best news is after five weeks the fracture has healed completely. WOO HOO!  The not so great news is that the ankle and knee sprain are not healed.  But I no longer have to wear the boot unless I am out of the house. Makes a huge difference let me tell ya.
   SO it's a new year!  2013 present our family with many challenges, surprises, joys and pains.  I am glad it's over and I am looking forward to new adventures with the kids this year.  I hope this year will bring many new opportunities for us as a family to travel, to experience new and wonderful things.  I am believing for a year full of peace, love and joy as well as better health for all of us.  The kids will be starting their classes again next week and we have a goal to read through the whole Bible with our church but also for our family to do so.  We will also be setting individual goals for the year and we will work as a family to help each other achieve those goals. No resolutions here, just goals for bettering ourselves and challenging us to reach for higher things.
   So from our family to yours HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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