Apr 24, 2012

April Round Up

This month is slipping by so fast and I have been so busy with working two jobs (one is temporary), home schooling Jaron and just being mom and tending to my family, that I have let blogging go to the way side.  To say I am an avid writer would NOT be even remotely true.  I do love writing but I just haven't made it a priority.  So to make up for lost time let's do a monthly round up.

    We started out the month with spring break.  Oh how we all needed that week!  I got a wonderful surprise when one of my college roomates called to say she was in town with her children.  She is a remarkable mom taking care of three special needs children.  Her daughter has type 1 diabetes and has had it since she was 18 mo old (I believe) and her two sons are autistic and are on two very different spectrums.  They are great kids and she has done a remarkable job raising them alone. 
   She came for a few days and we were able to get another one of our friends to come over and spend a day with us.  We took the kids to the park and had a nice picnic lunch.  It is great being able to spend time with old friends and your children enjoying time with new friends as well.  A true blessing!

We ended spring break with Easter.  I can not believe how big my kids are getting.  I remember when they were all so excited about hunting eggs after church and getting all dressed up.  The last few years Jaron has helped Sean hide the eggs but this year I made him stay in so he could enjoy hunting the eggs too.  This picture and my cover picture for the blog were taken before we headed out to church.  I am so blessed!

Then came the high light of the year for Sara.  The Father/Daughter Dance at school. 

I can not stress the importance of the father in a little girl's life.  Sean surprised her with flowers and she was so shocked she thought they were for me.  They are still going strong 2 weeks later and every so often I catch her looking at them in amazement that her daddy gave her flowers.  They had such a great time that night.  Again I am so blessed to have a husband that understands how important his roll is in her life.

Of course we celebrated my birthday but lets not focus on me getting older!  Let's focus on that fact that my boy Kristofer turned 10.  T E N !!!  I can not believe he is 10!!!
He has come so far in his little life!  From a child that would not respond to you calling his name to a talkative kiddo, that although his conversations are sometimes only about what he wants to talk about he will have a conversation with you.  From a wild run away child who knew no boundaries to a child that understands there are dangers and he has to be alert and watchful. (He still needs guidance but is doing fantastic in this area).  There were times I didn't think he would make it to "10" but he has and let me tell you his guardian angels have earned their wings and them some!!!

Even last night God sent his angels to watch over Kris as he was trying to be an electrician and remove a light bulb.  The bulb broke off at the base and sparks were flying, he and Eli were screaming and my heart was racing out of my chest.  Oh how thankful God places angels in charge over us!  Again I am so blessed to have my Kristofer!

The biggest news we have is that next week Eli will be having surgery May 2nd to have his tonsils and adnoids removed. He isn't all that nervous or fearful, which I am very thankful for.  I think it's because Kris had his removed when he was 4 and Sara had her hernia surgery 2 years ago.  There is also the fact that he knows we will get him a present for being brave.  The following week we get our new van!  YAY!!!  We have been waiting for F O U R months!  It's been a long time coming and we are so excited!!!!  So unless something else happens between today and the end of this month that is the recap of April!  Shew I'm just tired thinking about it!  LOL!

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