Dec 10, 2010

Introducing RG

Kristofer has been working on RG all week. He started by finding some bottle caps,
light bulb and the jar. Then he set out to go to work creating his newest robot.
Through out the week he has added and changed different parts. This morning as soon
as he got up and dressed for school he was back to working on RG. You can see the
changes he has done....oh wait "up grades" as he calls them.
The air freshener container is the robot's (RG's) gun.
When he returned from school he was ready for more "up grades." This time he added an air tank (pill bottle) to the back. The finished RG at least for now is below.
I am always amazed at what he creates. When asked what he wants for Christmas this year all he says is a robot creation box. In layman's terms...a box filled with craft stuff, a glue gun, glue sticks, googley eyes, pipe cleaners, other odd shaped items ect... This is one amazing kid we have been blessed with.

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