Oct 5, 2010


Before anyone turns me in for cruel punishment you have to know that the two munchkins were pretending to be dogs. This is from this weekend. These two ended up filling our dogs cage with pillows and blankets and "played dogs" for a good hour or so. At one point they even put Bently and Oddie in with them. Yes those are tails ! They both were not feeling well this weekend. Headaches, sore throats and fevers but that didn't stop them from playing dogs. Kristofer decided to make more robots. This time he found some chicken wire we had in the shed. He made two, one for Eli and one for himself. He is so creative! You really have to look closely in this picture of him with his creation.Eli has been asking since Thursday if his glasses were ready. Well today the office called and we high tailed it to pick them up. He was so excited he made me take a picture of him as soon as we got home. I think he looks just darling. The glasses are a dark blue and they make his bright blue eyes just pop.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Jaron used to get in the cage with Duke. I think I have a picture of it somewhere. Ill have to look for it. I cant believe Kris makes his own robots and Eli looks darling in his new glasses. Jeanette

Melissa said...

I do remember! I have gone through the baby pictures and found pictures of Sara and Eli in the ferrets cage! I also found the copies of the pics of Jaron in Duke's cage..fun memories :)