Feb 25, 2010

So what is going on...

...is that I have been so busy working on a special project for my main man that I haven't had the time or the energy to write anything. in under 2 weeks my loving and wonderful husband is turning the BIG 5 0 ! Yeppers 50 and yes he is 10 years older than me. But I don't want to talk about the fact that I am turning 40 in a couple of months. UGH! That doesn't excite me one bit! Honestly things have been going well. Kristofer has made some remarkable strides. This past week he brought home a report on dinosaurs that he got a 100% on. YAY! He is doing well, making small advancements with reading. We have found that if we read his work to him he does 100% better on it than if we ask him to read and figure it out. So he is getting help with comprehending what he is reading. YAY!
The kids are all growing so fast. Right now Jaron is going through the state achievement testing called I-SAT. He has testing every morning this week and half the next. Spring break is coming up soon. We would love to be heading to Florida it has been so stinkin' cold here!But we are saving that trip for June when my nephew Kurtis will be graduating from High School. If all goes well we will go to Disney while we are there.
I guess the biggest announcement is that I got a job! Yes I got a job in this economy. Although I am only a temp and will probably only work for 6-8 weeks that time and pay is what God is using to allow us to take the kids to Disney!
It's been a while since I worked and thankfully I will be doing this from home. It's an online job. Scoring the I-SAT! Yep the same testing that Jaron is doing at school I will be scoring. Not his test but other children in other schools. Sean did it last year and I applied and so we both will be scoring the I-SAT. I am excited about doing this!
The only other news I have is that have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. :( Something I dreaded. I am on a pill called metformin. So far I haven't seen much improvements. I am seeing lower glucose levels but nothing close to normal ranges. So I am sure in a few weeks that the doc may up the dosage. I hope not. I am doing my best to exercise daily and have cut the carbs drastically and have even gone to all sugar free products. Which the kids are hating but they don't need all the extra sugar either!
SO that is what is going on. Once I am done with this secret surprise project for Sean I will post some pictures of what I am making as well as the celebration we have at church for him :)

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