Nov 12, 2009

School pictures

So I haven't been writing. To be honest I just haven't been in the mood to. I have so many other fires burning that I just haven't been all that interested in writing. But I will get back to it I am sure. I wanted to share some recent pictures. The kids had their school pics taken in Sept. We didn't purchase them but every student regardless of whether they are purchased receives an ID card with their pics on it. So I scaned and cropped them so I could share. Not the best but relatively recent. I am hoping that this week I can take the kids to a friends house that sits on the lake and take some fun fall pics. We shall see what the week holds for us.
Oh an announcement must be mentioned! The last week of Oct. Sara lost not just one tooth but both bottom teeth! She was SO excited! The 2nd one came out during our Fall Festival at church while she was apple bobbing. She thinks its wonderful that she lost them before Eli has. Eli has always been a little but farther along in developement than she is. So this is a first for her.

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