Aug 18, 2009


Today is the big day! My youngest babies, Eli and Sara, started Kindergarten. They were excited about it. Kris on the other hand was scared most of the night, crying and just upset. He doesn't do well with change and everything is changing so the next few weeks may pose a few bumps on the road to success this year. Hopefully nothing like last year! I would share more about my thoughts and feelings about the twins starting school but yesterday and Sunday I stepped wrong or something and my left knee that is really bad is a mess. I believe I have torn the cartilage again, I hope not but the pain is too great to just be a sprain. Plus I can not bend it barely at all. It's as if something is stopping it. So I head to the doctor on Thursday to find out. UGH! My first thoughts were, "Oh no not again!"

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