Sep 27, 2011

What's Happening

Oh my am I so behind on writing.  Guess home schooling is taken a lot more of my time than I thought.  We are having fun.  At least that is what I hope Jaron is having.  Right now he is learning the 50 states and their placement on the map as well as the abbreviations.  He is also learning about inventions and inventors, fractions and a little early American History.  We are reading a book together called, "Point Blank" for literature. 
   Today was physical day for him.  He is barely ever sick so this was the first he has been to the doctor since we moved here.  The boy is growing so fast!  He has grown 3.5 inches in a year!  WOW!  He is 11 and standing 5 ft 3.5 inches.  I know he is still growing so who knows how tall he will be.  My oh my!

Sep 17, 2011

Face Plant

My baby was riding his bike the other day and some kids were playing with a basketball that got away from them and rolled right into the bath of his bike.  I thought for sure he broke his nose but thankfully he didn't.  I have to say having three rough and tumbling boys, we have been blessed with NO broken bones!  Their guardian angles that God has placed in charge over them I am positive work over time! (Ps 91:11)