Jun 29, 2011

More Quilts

Found at a tomato farm in West Liberty.

Morgan Co. just off Hwy 519
Just off I-64 on Hwy 801

Love finding these beautiful quilt patterns! Hoping to find more this summer.

Jun 24, 2011

My New Love...hobby

As of late I have come to truly appreciate the beauty of barn quilts. Basically the barn quilts are to bring awareness of quilting I believe. I will have to do a bit more research to find out how and when they started. Fish Hatchery in Morehead, KY
Clearfield, KY
Morgan County, KY
Cross Roads (aka Farmers KY)
Farmers, KY

Clearfield, KY
Bath Co, Kentucky

I would like to collect as many barn quilt photos as I can either take or get from other people that have taken them. I think they are beautiful!

Jun 7, 2011


For the last weeks the kids have been driving me nuts with these plastic bugs. Well I found them today and played a prank on the kids :) Love torturing them...lol! Kris found them and just laughed!

Jun 5, 2011

The Make Shift Pool

The kids were desperate for some water fun this hot weekend. So we purchased some water guns and a hose and the kids have had a blast this afternoon. Although I believe in these pictures they are trying very hard to make it appear that they need a pool ... LOL! Little do they know that we are planning to get them one, not a big one just one they can get wet in.

Jun 2, 2011

And the Award Goes to.....

JARON DANIEL KELLYHe did it! He graduated Elementary School with flying "A's" in all subjects, in all grading periods and his final grades for the whole year 98-101%!!!! How awesome is that! We are so PROUD of him! Today was the 5th grade graduation ceremonies at his school.
Here he is walking across to receive his Certificate of Completing Elementary School :)

To his and our surprise Jaron received not one but 5 awards this year! FIVE!!!! WOWSA!!! Talk about a proud Momma moment! :) I couldn't stop smiling and neither has he!
His first award was the Presidential Academic Excellence Award signed by Pres. Barak Obama and a letter from the President as well! He had to work hard for that! Having a GPA of 3.5+
(his was 4.0) all year, receiving high marks on on his state academic testing, recommendation from the teachers, guidance counselor and the principle.
Jaron had to point out the Presidents Signature!
He received awards for Jr Beta Club and Academic Team.

In each class 1 or 2 students were chosen for a Citizenship Award and our Jaron received one!!!
Way to go Jaron!!
After the initial ceremony we were released to take our children home if we desired to. Before doing so we were to meet in their classrooms. There, Mrs Miller handed out their rewards that had not being given out during the ceremony, their report cards, a special poem she had written them (which was beautiful and made me cry!) and another award that the students themselves voted on. There were only 5 given out and once again Jaron was chosen :) This time for the Best Student of Social Studies/History.
His wonderful 5th grade class!
Jaron and Mrs. Miller...she has been a fantastic teacher , Jaron really enjoyed being in her class.
I can't believe the school year has come to an end. We are very proud of Jaron but are equally as proud of our other three children as well. I truly can not believe that this coming fall we will have a JR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT! Seriously, where did the time go? I want him to be that cute bumbling 2 yr old that was in love with kittens and lizards again...sigh!