Nov 26, 2011

My Job

So I sorta dropped the ball yesterday...I am going to claim turkey coma on that!  LOL! 
So today I am thankful for my job. I may only work a couple of days a week but it is definitely a blessing to our family!  I care for an elderly woman who has dementia/Alzheimer. She is a sweet woman and the grandmother of my friend Marty who I have spoken about a few times this month.  Such a blessing to care for her. 

Nov 23, 2011

The Taken for Granted Things

TOday the day before Thanksgiving I am thankful for things that we often times take for granted.  So may people in the world do not have the necessities of life... food, clean drinking water and shelter.   I am very grateful for those things as well as these:

* Shoes
* Clothes
* The two cars we have...they may not be glorious or a status symbol but they work and that's all that matters!
*Television - I know strange thing to be thankful for but it does help my children find time to veg out!
*Fenced in back yard
* Internet access (we have had times with no technology available to us and it was terrible!) We rely so much on the internet now days that we take it for granted.  I am thankful for technology for sure!

These are just a few things I am thankful for today!

Nov 22, 2011

9 Months of Heaven

Today I am thankful for the 9 months of heaven on earth that I had 14 years ago.  For 9 months you were growing in secret, kicking, moving, full of hiccups and lots of dancing to your Daddy's songs. You were the twinkle in my eye and you stole my heart as soon as I heard the beating of your little heart. Feeling you dance to the voice of your daddy.   I am grateful today!

I am grateful for the precious moments after your birth of holding your little body, caressing your precious head and twirling your long hair in my fingers.  Kissing your brow one last time.  I am grateful today!

I am grateful for the way God made His presence known the day we placed you forever in his arms.  The way the wind blew and it got warm as we played the dedication song at your funeral and how when the song ended the wind blew very hard and the cold air came back, as if the angles had left with you.  Feeling the comfort of God holding me while I cried into His shoulder.  I am grateful today!

I am grateful for the nurses that were caring enough to place you in the outfit  we brought for you to wear  home and how they cut a few strands of your hair for us.  How they were so caring that they took your hand and feet prints for us.  Today I am grateful

I am forever grateful for those precious 9 months of carrying you in my womb and close to my heart.

Happy Birthday 
Seanpatrick Eugene Kelly

Nov 21, 2011


God always provides!  He is faithful!  Beyond faithful!  He never fails us!  He is my everything!
I am thankful for a God that cares so deeply for the sparrow and yet cares even more for me.  He knows my every need, want, desire and the Word of God tells me that "He will supply all of my needs according to HIS riches in Glory!" (Phil 4:19).  I am thankful for HIS PROVISION!  It may not always be how or what I expect but He always provides!  Thank you Lord!

Nov 20, 2011


I am thankful today, Sunday, because it is a day of worship.  It is a day we as Americans take for granted.  We live in a free country where we can worship in open spaces, in public spaces with no fear of retaliation.  I am thankful that I live in America but I am even more thankful that God has freed me from my sins, has broke the chains of bondage and has set me free to worship HIM!  I love to sing His praises!  I love to worship Him and I love to be in His presence.  I hope today that you have declared that today you will be in a church service and will be worshiping the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

Nov 19, 2011


 I LOVE SATURDAYS!  I love them because it is the one day of the week that we all generally get to sleep in.  Saturdays are generally days to relax, watch cartoons and snuggle with the kids...well when they let me.  Today I am thankful for Saturdays!

Nov 18, 2011


I LOVE FLOWERS!!!   All kinds of flowers!   Today I am thankful for the beautiful flowers that god has created.

Nov 17, 2011

Days Off

I, like everyone else, enjoy days off from everything! 
Today I am thankful for this day off! 

Nov 16, 2011

My Extended Family

"The family.  We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together."  ~Erma Bombeck

This month is half over and I am enjoying this adventure of sharing things I am thankful for. How could I ever get through a day, week, month or year without my extended family?  By that I mean my siblings....Ron, Chris, Jeanette, and Bryan and their families.  I love my brothers and sister so very much.  They all live in Florida where I am originally from.  We grew up in a close knit family with me being the oldest.  For the longest time it was just Ron, Chris and I.  Oh how I prayed for what seemed like forever for a sister, even wishing on a star and not long after that God blessed me with my little sister and then with our baby brother Bryan. We had such great times when we were younger.  I have many cherished memories of our times sliding down the stairs on mattresses, swimming in our pool, playing football together, playing "cars" in the dirt with my brothers, playing "house and babies" with my sister...oh how I miss them terribly.     
         Each of them are unique, fun, loving and crazy.  They have always supported me and been there when we needed them the most.  They were there when Sean and I got married, lost our little boy and celebrated with us the birth of the diaperheads.  I can't imagine my life without them in it.  We don't get to see each other as much as I would like but I am again thankful for Facebook.  Through Facebook we are able to see what's going on with each other, share pictures, chat and tease each other through our comments.  They mean the world to me as do their families.  I am so thankful to have my three baby brothers and little sister and pray that God would bless them abundantly.

 Ron, Chris, Jeanette, and Bryan
         I LOVE YOU!!!  

Nov 15, 2011

Things that are Yummy

Just a few of the things that make me happy and I am very thankful for.

Who can resist chocolate and almonds?  Not me!  

Oh so heavenly!

Peanut Butter Pie from Yoders.  This stuff is to die for!

New FAVORITE salad 
The salad: Apple pecan chicken salad with pomegranate dressing with blue cheese crumbles!  Oh my word this is awesome!  What's even better is you can get a half salad.  Just YUMMY! BTW you can get this at Wendy's.

Nov 14, 2011

My Salvation

So thankful that I was introduced to my loving Savior Jesus Christ.  Without Him in my life I am nothing.  
I place all of my trust in Him. Everything I do I do to glorify my Lord!
  All that I have in my life comes from my Heavenly Father.

Nov 13, 2011

My Dad

My Daddy is the best Dad in the world!  He is such a hard working man. He has stood by his family from the start.  He is also a Veteran.  He has an amazing story of how God spared his life twice when he was in the army.  In one instance he was in Korea and his troop was being sent into battle, he got pneumonia and was not able to ship out with them.  The troop was ambushed and all of the men were killed.  In the 2nd instance, he was training and jumped out of a helicopter and was running through a field.  His leg got caught in a gofer hole and he broke his leg...compound fracture that required surgery.  His troop was sent to Vietnam the next day and they were ambushed in the air, no one survived.  It truly is amazing what God will do to protect a person.
   Had he gone on either of missions I and subsequently my children would not be here. So I am thankful that God protected him and gave me such a great dad!  As you can tell in the photo my kids just adore their "MacMac".  I love you dad!

Nov 12, 2011

Thankful for Forever Friends

So earlier this week I was writing out this post about a few of my best friends. Unfortunately through a glitch that I probably caused, I lost everything, 2 hours of writing and editing and I just have to say I was NOT HAPPY!  So this time around I am just posting pictures of those special friends that are life time friends that I cherish and love.  Each of them mean the world to me.  Some of them bless my socks off with their love, support, encouragement, gentle words of wisdom and just plain ole friendship.  I am just thankful to each of them for being such great friends and thankful that God orchestrated our meeting.  Ladies without you in my life it would be dull and boring.  I love each and every one of you!
Angie and her son Cameron

Elaine with her husband Tim and their three children; Jo, Sam & Kayla
Leah, my friend and SNL.

L to R - Me, Deanna and Jessica

Michele and her son Marcus

Nov 11, 2011

My Mom

I am thankful for a praying Mother!  My Mom is the best. Mom goes by three different names, Delight, Mom and Grandma Deedee.  She was very young when she had me but she chose to keep me at a time when girls were being shipped off to relatives and having their babies given up for adoption or even abortion.  My Mom and Dad chose to raise me, sacrificing a LOT.  At that time it wasn't ok for pregnant teens to continue through school so Mom had to drop out.  I am proud to say she went back to school got her GED and went on to technical school and got her Cosmetology license. She has owned her own business and it succeeded. She sold it a few years ago but still works there. My Mom has supported every thing I have wanted to do.

Mom swimming with Sara and the other grand-kids.
My Mom has raised 5 children and has 2 in heaven.  She also has 13 grandchildren and one in  heaven. She is more than just my Mommy though, she is one of my best friends. Many people do not have a Mom they can say they are friends with and enjoy spending time with but I do.  She encourages me and supports me.  My kids just adore her as do her other grandchildren.  This year a dear friend of mine lost her mom and I can not imagine not having mine in my life. We sometimes talk daily but generally it's at least once a week. My heart breaks for my friend and I keep her in prayer all the time.  Watching her walk through this time has made me realize that I need to cherish the time I do get to spend with my Mom and make time to call her more often.
Mom and my niece Anna.
Here she is in her new home in KY last year.  This year the construction was completed.
My sister Jeanette, Mom, Sara and I, 2 yrs ago after a girls day out.

 I am so blessed to have her in my life!

Nov 10, 2011

My Man

This is my handsome man the day  we got married...almost 14 years ago.  Best decision I ever made was to marry this man.  He loves me unconditionally even when I have been terrible towards him, he always forgives me and never holds it over my head.  How many can say that about their spouse.  
I can not imagine my live with out him in it.
 The picture on the left is the day we were voted as pastors of Creal Springs AG.  I can not believe how small the kids were...that was in 2006.  My have they grown!  Sean is a wonderful father!  He laughs and plays with the kids.  He was always nervous that he wouldn't make a great daddy and I can tell you he makes the BEST DADDY in the world.  He loves each of them, supports them and loves to be with them.  He puts them and I above anything he could ever want.  Sacrifices much for his family!  Thank you Sean!  I love the picture below!  He is such a great dad!
 Sean is more than I could of ever dreamed of or prayed for.  He loves the Lord, love me and the kids and loves his family (mom and siblings).  He has a beautiful voice, an infectious laugh, a loyalty to his friends that most do not have, is sensitive, quiet thinker, awesome preacher/teacher and is the SMARTEST man I know. Sean is not just my husband but my lover and best friend.  He is everything and more to me.  I am not just thankful today for him, I am thankful every day for my wonderful husband.  I love you Sean Patrick Kelly!!!

Nov 9, 2011

Flavored Creamers

Let me start off with saying, I am and have not ever been paid for this endorsement with that being said....I LOVE THIS STUFF!  If they want to send me free products or coupons I will gladly accept them! :)  hehe.   Seriously though, I LOVE this creamer.  It always makes me happy when it returns to the stores during this time of year. It's like eating pumpkin pie with a cup of coffee.  It is fabulous!  YUMMO!  SO today I am thankful for flavored creamers like Pumpkin Pie Spice!

Nov 8, 2011

My Baby Girl

Today on this journey of thankfulness I am thankful for the precious gift I received almost 8 years ago.  My baby girl Sara Joy Kelly!  She was born so tiny, 4 lbs 8 ounces and was must 16.5 inches long.  She wore baby doll clothes for weeks...the preemie clothes were even too big for her.
Sara holding Uncle Chris' hand.  She was 1 day old.Wearing her sporty sun glasses.  She was under the UV lights for a good week.  She was born breech and was bruised from her heels to her shoulders.  Poor little thing.  I felt so bad for her. But was so thankful she was alive and doing well.  She was our little mouse.  When she was born all you could hear was a little squeak that sounded like a little mouse.
 Sara was 3 days old when I was allowed to hold her.  I was only able to hold her for 20 mins because her heart rate went wild and her body temp dropped.  It was a scary time.  Sara and Eli were 8 weeks early.  Sara had to have 2 blood transfusions and it took her longer to reach the same milestones that Eli did.  In fact they kept Eli in the hospital 3 days longer just so they could be released the same day from the NICU to come home.  They were in the hospital a total of 3 weeks and they came home on Feb 13th.
Sara's first bath.  As I undressed her her little umbilical cord fell off.  She was so tiny inside the little tub. We had to keep her wrapped in a blanket while we washed each part of her.  It is a very cherished memory!
Jaron had found a tree frog and placed it on the raft.  Sara LOVED it.  
She would laugh every time she touched it.
 In this picture Sara was being DRAMATIC.  Pretending to cry because the frog jumped off the raft.   
Right before this picture she was laughing when it jumped.

 This was taken last Oct. I was whispering in her ear to smile.
 June of this year.  We went on a hike at Broken Leg Falls.
 My little fashionesta!

As you can tell today I am thankful for my baby girl. Yes I call her that, she is the baby of the about 5 minutes.....and she is my little girl!  I love her more than words can tell.  The Lord told me two years before she was born that I would have a girl and that I would name her Sara.  Little did I know that her great grandma on her daddy's side was named Sara as well.  She loved it when we told her that this week.  She has been learning about her family tree at school so that was a fun fact for her to share.
   I am very blessed to have my precious little girl! She is a spunky little princess who loves to wear beautiful dresses while she plays ninjas with her brothers!  She has great faith.  When she prays she just expects it to happen.  A few months ago she prayed for dresses and she was blessed with many dresses.  Some she has been waiting to wear because they are holiday, as in Christmas dresses.  She loves SHOES! OMW the girl loves shoes like her Aunt Jeanette and her Great grandmom!  So today I am thankful for my little Sara!

Nov 7, 2011


Arthritis STINKS! HURTS! and is just NOT nice to the body!  I have arthritis in every joint and some days I can barely move and am in so much pain I just want to curl up in my bed and cry.  Other days I am stiff but not in severe pain.  This past week I have been in terrible pain but I push forward.  I am thankful for medicine!!!  Th medicine I take for the inflammation makes my days a whole lot better! When I forget or run out of the med I can really tell a difference...which is why I was in so much pain this past week. 
   Medicine is one of the BEST inventions man has ever created and today I am thankful for the scientists that create it and being able to use it!

Nov 6, 2011

My Friends

I am so thankful for my friends!  I am blessed to say I have many in my life. Some are life time friends, the ones that no matter the distance or time, as soon as you get together it's as if you've never been apart. I have different types of friends...ministry friends, blog friends -people I am friends with because of blogging and would love to meet in person (a few I have and am so grateful to have them in my life!), and others.  I am blessed with many lifetime friends and I am thankful for all of them.  A few that come to mind right now are Angie, Marty, Deanna, Michele, Jessica, Elaine and Leah.  Today I want to dedicate this post to my friend Martha (Marty).  Today is her birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARTY!!!
   She is amazing, an encourager and a prayer warrior.  We met at MSU (Morehead State University) and became instant friends.  You know the kind where you meet and immediately know that you will be friends for life...yep that's the kind.  Honestly most of my college roomies are FFL friends.  We have been friends for 17 years!!  Marty has been by my side through so many of life's ups and downs.  She was there when Sean and I started dating, she was there the day he proposed, there the day we got married standing in as one of my brides maids (matron of honor...she did get married 4 months before me).  She was there the day I gave birth to Seanpatrick, she and her mom came to the hospital to support us.  She came to my room where I was holding him and she was able to see how beautiful he was.  She was there the day we buried him as well.  A true support she and Michael were for us. Marty celebrated with us the births of our other children and us theirs. She has been an encourager when we were struggling in ministry and when I just needed someone to listen and pray.  We always have a great time together and thankfully our children love each other as well.  When we lived miles apart we took turns taking vacations to see each other, we have also gone on vacation with them (a VERY cherished memory). I am positive my life would be very different without her in it. 
   So today is her birthday (Happy Birthday Marty)!  I am so thankful that God placed you in my life 17 years ago!  You have been such a constant friend, through good times and bad.  I only hope I have been the same kind of friend to you as you have been to me.  I know God has some great things planned for you!  I love you and thank you for your friendship over these years!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Nov 5, 2011


SHHHHHHH!  Listen to the quietness!  Let your mind go blank and just be!   

Yes I am thankful for quietness.  Now that we are home schooling Jaron and the other three are in public school I am very thankful for the times that the house is quiet. Times when I can just sit in quiet and those moments to clear my mind are rare and inbetween.  I am always thinking about what we will teach or do next with Jaron.  Then the door bursts open with the other three at 3 pm and it's time to adjust my thoughts to getting homework started and finished, getting dinner done, baths and then bedtime...naturally all of this occurs between the time they get home to bedtime at 9pm. In those 6 hours this house is LOUD! So today I am thankful for those rare moments of complete peace and quiet.

Nov 4, 2011

My Boys

 Today I am thankful for my three wonderful, crazy, loving, tough, gentle, strong, caring, loving, funny, energetic boys.  Oh there are a lot more adjectives I could use to describe my boys but those are what comes to mind immediately.  These three boys are everything I believe their oldest brother Seanpatrick would have been had he not died.  These boys make me laugh, cry, scream, smile, and laugh some more. Just Tuesday we were sitting in the living room and honestly I do not remember what they were talking about but I do remember that they were giving me a hard time.  I looked up at them and there they were all sitting next together joking and laughing.  Had I had a camera at the time I would have captured the moment.  But instead I just sat and looked at them taking in it and making it a mental picture I will never forget.  My thought at that very moment....Lord let them always be this close...brothers and friends for life!
     You may not believe me but I am thankful for my little angel Seanpatrick as well. Oh how I wish he was here with us but I am thankful for the 9 months I had with him.  Yes he was only in the womb but I remember distinctly how he responded to my reading stories to him and Sean's singing to him.  How he would move to be near Sean when he would lay his head on my stomach and would talk to him.  The moments after his birth, all was quiet sadly but those precious moments holding him, brushing his long hair, looking at his precious fingers and toes.  Those moments I am grateful for and very thankful that God allowed us to have those precious months and minutes with our first born.
   I love my boys!   
You know what I just realized as I am writing this that I chose to be thankful for my four boys on day four of thankfulness!  LOL! 

 Kristofer being the lake monster.

 Eli being the corn field monster.
Jaron our very mature preteen!  
Wow did I just say do I miss my little boobear!